Djemila Benhabib supports the Quebec Charter of values

Djemila Benhabib supports the Quebec Charter of values

The author of My Life against the Koran and PQ candidate in Trois-Rivieres in the last election that it supported the draft charter of values ​​Marois Quebec government.

Djemila Benhabib, committed to the cause of women against Islamic fundamentalism, argued Thursday morning interview on It’s about time that this project was important to establish guidelines for religious accommodation.

“The problem of the presence of religion in public space has long posed in Quebec, but there is no tag to resolve. I see this project favorably Minister Drainville to some consensus, “she said.

According to Ms. Benhabib, the problem is acute in the public service.

“If the education community are asked, the hospital, the departments, prisons, there are recurring issues in each of these professional spheres. If religious request, what do we do? The proposal of the specialists at the Bouchard-Taylor commission says there are real problems.

The Union Public Service asked the government several years ago to ban the wearing of religious symbols in the public service, “said Ms. Benhabib.

“The Council on the Status of Women also spoke, in a legal opinion, a block of more than 100 pages, very well documented that aillait in this direction. He has professional actors in society who think and who made proposal in the sense that Bernard Drainville proposed, “she recalled.

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According to her, we hear little voices in favor of the draft charter because it does not give his supporters the chance to express themselves.

Secularism in French schools

Ms. Benhabib argues that the situation in France , where a charter of secularism will be displayed in schools, is not so different from that of Quebec , and we can learn from .

“When is a teacher [ in France ], we can not talk about certain subjects , there are subjects become almost taboo , forbidden , teachers are rebuffed . There are issues on which we can not look , ” she says.

“There are frictions that contravene live together and this great idea of the secular republican school . Nobody questions the valuable achievements of the French Republic , ” she adds .

Urgent Action in Quebec

According Djemila Benhabib , it is time for Quebec to address the issue of secularism to prevent abuses.

“I see in Quebec disturbing phenomena such as religious fundamentalism. Speakers that come pouring their hatred, and their contemptuous rhetoric against women, we did not see it a few years ago . This manifestation of Islamic fundamentalism has given birth to a new form of intolerance among Catholics . For example, the prayers in the municipal councils . A few years ago , we did not feel this identity tension . In an identity, I send you another identity. We must learn to live together , “she says.

Worried, but nuanced Drainville of Islamization

As a listener of the show No midday without that info was concerned at the rise of Islam in the world, the Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and the draft charter of values ​​, Bernard Drainville , said Thursday that was concerned about this phenomenon .

Mr. Drainville however added a nuance, insisting that “the vast majority of North African or Arab Quebecers Muslim people are quite moderate and want to live happily like all Quebecers , who want to find a job and raise a family . “

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