News Moto 2013: Honda CB 500 and CB 500 CBR 500 X will be in Milan!

News Moto 2013: Honda CB 500 and CB 500 CBR 500 X will be in Milan!

Motorcycle News Index 2013 : Honda CB 500 and CB 500 CBR 500 X will be in Milan !
News moto 2013 : Honda CB 500 and CB 500 CBR 500 X will be in Milan !

Published on: 26/10/2012 9:32
Surprise! Honda took three of its new 2013 for a photo session urban views in Europe. It was enough for less than paparazzi taking away the cliches of the new Honda CB 500 and CBR 500 . But also CB 500 X , which were not known before. Three new basic motorcycles, future queens sales in 2013 ?


We had already heard of the arrival of new basic Honda for 2013 ( Reread our various news on Honda CBR 500 CB 500 2013 here) , including a roadster and a soft sport based on the same technical platform .

Honda has chosen to make some of its visual promotion in Europe , particularly in the streets of Rome , which has not escaped one of the newspaper’s journalists il Centro , which photographed the three new models 2013 Honda range . It clearly shows three motorcycles, and , surprise, a trail honda which had so far managed to hide its existence.

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Honda CB 500 2013 : A Basic least € 5,000 with ABS ?
After five years of absence, the Honda CB 500 so back to 2013 ( Alleluia ), but it opens a new technical platform : a steel frame in which a new vertical twin-cylinder water-cooled 470 cm3 based . The suspensions are basic and the braking system is simply a single front disc .

That she will endorse the role of average entry-level Honda 2013 engine . As a logical extension of NC 700 (Honda NC 700 S , Honda NC 700 X and Honda Integra NC 700 D ) range , this new generation Honda CB500 will obviously comply with the 2013 regulations and the new European A2 motorcycle license for beginners .

We can therefore assume a rather attractive price attack . Because NC 700 S is sold € 5,490 in call prices, the CB 500 should probably be sold under € 5,000 . Including ABS ? It is possible we contends the network. And it ‘s a safe bet that the future Honda CB500 quickly finds the way motorcycles schools …

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Honda CBR 500: Sporty , economical and accessible
We can now see more plastic of the future Honda CBR 500 . Rather pretty , it takes the form of fairing Honda CBR1000RR last and graphics and colors.

The provision of handlebars for a very tough sport , suggests that the Honda CB500 simply dressed to make an economic sport , which , for once, will not break the wrist and should protect more than the basic pure CB500 .

 News-moto-2013-Honda-CB-500-and-CB-500-CBR-500-X-will-be-in-Milan... (Custom)

Honda CB 500 X: The trail surprise !
Logic platform allows great opportunities in terms of diversification of the range . And the very good results of the Honda NC 700 X in France , Italy and Germany probably did think the Honda officials who chose to develop an X CB 500 , very close to the idea of Honda NC 700 X and Crossrunner . It is therefore a trail to alloy wheels 17 inches, CB 500 platform requires .

A good way to provide a bike average entry-level engine in another bottle … that does not give perhaps intoxication of the senses with an estimated 47 horsepower to meet the new European motorcycle license A2 2013 power but should consume little, probably less than 3 l/100 km. We’ll know more about these new and exciting Honda CB 500 2013 at the EICMA in Milan. Stay tuned …

News-moto-2013-Honda-CB-500-and-CB-500-CBR-500-X-will-be-in-Milan!4 (Custom)

Honda CB500 , Honda CBR500 , Honda CB500X , 1st info :
- Vertical twin cylinder 470 cm3 liquid-cooled PGM – FI
- . Power 46.9 hp , torque 4.06 daN
- Frame and swingarm common steel to three bikes
- Fork , wheels, twin disc brake , ABS optional , common to all three bikes
- Weight: 195 kg fully fueled
- Seat height: 790 mm
- Maximum speed: 169 km / h
- Estimated price: € 4990 for CB 500 C -ABS

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